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        Welcome to Skinner Industries, your West Texas source for business consulting services.  We offer many services to help your business run better, faster and more efficiently.  When you need that outside bit of expertise, information or skill that you don't have and don't time to learn, call us and see what we can do for you.

         We specialize in several different methods of business support, including Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, Data Analysis, Document Support, Facility Design & Layout and Business Restructuring.  Please click on the type of service you are interested in to the left.

Our Two Missions: To provide high quality dispute resolution services and top notch business analysis and support.

Dispute Resolution Services

        There are times when what you need most is an impartial judge to settle a dispute between you and your customer or supplier, or even just you and your friend.  We are more than happy to impartially arbitrate or mediate any individual dispute or
facilitate negotiations in between you and your customers or you and your suppliers.  We will make arrangements for a neutral location, arbitrate or mediate the dispute, and provide a written report which details the arbitration award or mediated decision.

        Then there are times when you need someone to walk you through the process, help you prepare and make sure that you have all of your information in order in an easily understandable format.  Many times we have seen a party to an arbitration, sometimes even an attorney, come to arbitration with minimal preparation, and it has almost always gone badly for that party.  It is a mini-trial, and needs to be treated much the same way.  Preparation is key, so that you know what you have and what you are asking for.  We understand what the arbitrators and mediators are looking for.  If we are not arbitrating or mediating the dispute, let us help you prepare your information and exhibits so you have the best chance possible.

         Finally, we provide services where we will negotiate on your behalf or even act as your agent in a transaction when you are not able to be present or don't want the other party to know who you are.

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Business Analysis and Support Services

In addition to the arbitration and mediation services on the left, we also offer business analysis and support.  Our motto sums it up well: Making Your Business Better.  At Skinner Industries, we prefer a "whole business" approach to the consulting we perform. 

        You may have one area in particular which is creating a bottleneck or you may have several areas which are all contributing to a problem.  Maybe it's a bad facility or store layout which is robbing you of efficiency.  Maybe it's a poorly documented process, or a process that has changed so much that it no longer even remotely resembles what written procedures once existed to walk employees through it.  Maybe it's an old piece of equipment which really needs to be replaced, but you're not sure what to replace it with, or how to justify the cost of replacing it to the bank, especially in this economy.  Maybe it's one particular customer, process or product that is dragging you down, but you just can't seem to identify it.  Maybe it's even that you know something is wrong or has changed, but you have no system in place to even begin to measure it, let alone know how to fix it.

        Let us go through your business structure top to bottom to determine where the pitfalls are and offer solutions to solve the immediate problems you have and give advice on how to head off future problems before they become problems.

        We can also act as your investigation team.  Maybe you have a supplier that you're not really sure can make the grade.  Let us act as your business investigator.  We'll schedule an appointment, travel to their facility, perform an analysis of their business structure as in-depth as you require and prepare a report detailing our findings.  We'll tell you what they're doing well and what they need to improve upon based on the criteria you provide

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